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Y11/Sixth Form

LETTER ATTACHED: Key information regarding Post-16 destinations


V6 has emailed all their applicants advising them that their induction process is having to be completed online this year. See the link below which leads to several key staff members and students providing important information, just in case you would like to hear it as well.

Also, please see below subject sheets to help students get ready for A Levels:

If you have any further questions regarding the transition process from KS4-5, please feel free to email me

Kind Regards

Miss Thomas


Each applicant of the sixth form should have already received this information via their personal email but we just wanted to inform you too. Please see below a letter written by the Head of 6th Form, detailing the transition process for your child. If you have any further questions regarding the transition process, feel free to email myself ( or you can email the 6th form directly).

Kind Regards, 

Miss Thomas

Dear Redcliffe 6th Form applicants (and parent/carers),

We are very pleased that you have firmly accepted us as your first choice for post-16 study next year, and look forward to welcoming you and working with you through the next two years. In the week that your GCSEs should have started, we hope very much that you and your family are coping with the current challenging situation, and I’m sure that you are keen to have constructive things to do to focus your mind.

The Covid lockdown means that you will be missing a number of important experiences in terms of your readiness to start A Levels next year. You will not be having to revise your GCSE content, which could mean you find it harder to access some of the early A Level material in some subjects, and we will not be able to provide you with an Induction Day at which you could have taster sessions in each of your subjects. We normally provide transition tasks for students to complete following the Induction Day, and this year we have expanded these to give you some more to do over the coming months. In most cases these include a short core task which you will be asked to bring in to lessons with you at the start of the year and which may be marked or discussed. In addition, where the subject has been studied at GCSE it may direct you to revise some aspects of your GCSE material in order to make up for the lack of GCSE exam revision and so ensure that you are confident in the material which forms the foundations of the A Level. Beyond that all subjects will have suggested things you could do or resources you could use in order to fill the coming months, build up your understanding of and enthusiasm for your chosen subjects, and be confident that you have chosen the right ones. You can find these tasks at :

If you visited this site before the release of this email then please check again as a couple of tasks have received final updates in the last 24 hours.

If you become unsure whether you have chosen the right subjects then you may want to look at the transition work for some alternatives and should then contact the 6th form to suggest a swap if you wish to do this.

In the case of Maths and the Sciences there is a big step from GCSE to A Level and it is very important that the Higher Tier material from GCSE is secure if you are going to cope well with the early A Level material. The transition task therefore provides a way for you to work out where your strengths and weaknesses are and to get on top of this GCSE material. Some students will therefore need to spend longer on it than others. Your GCSE grades will be allocated on the basis of a combination of the assessment of your teachers and a process of moderation by the exam boards to produce what should be a fair and likely grade for you. For those of you are not awarded a sufficiently high grade in Maths or the Sciences to access these particular A Levels we will be providing you with an opportunity to sit a one hour test on our pre-enrolment day on Tuesday 25th August, on the basis of which we can decide whether you have the understanding and skills needed for the A Level. The content which may be covered in this test is made clear in the transition task document.

Remember that after you receive your GCSE results on Thursday 20th August you also need to enrol online, and, if you need a fuller discussion, you are welcome to come in on Thursday 25th August between 10:00am and 1:00pm as long as it is safe to do so at that point.  If it is not safe to come in then we will let you know how to book a phone conversation if this is needed. The online pre-enrolment form will not be accessible until Thursday 20th August as it requires you to enter your GCSE grades.

Further information regarding induction, transition and enrolment will be made available in the coming weeks, and we will also be in touch regarding start of term arrangements when we know more about the likely extent of school opening at that point.

We wish you and your family a good summer, and look forward to better times ahead when we can start to build the strong sense of community and commitment to learning for which Redcliffe is known.

Richard Wheeler

Head of 6th Form


Dear Parents/Carers

City of Bristol College has finally released its 'Transition packs' - apologies for the delay.

The link below will take you to its website, whereby you can access subject based 'transition and taster' packs for the subjects your child will be studying. The aim of these packs are to start to prepare you child for college life and engage them back into the subjects they have chosen to study.


If you have any further questions surrounding your childs transition to City of Bristol College, please feel free to email me.

Kind Regards

Miss Thomas


Dear Parents/Carers

The college is starting to welcome back students onto their campus. Initially they will begin with their current Year 12 students but then they will be inviting Year 11 onto their campuses for 'Induction Days'. This will be approx 90 minutes long either a morning or afternoon session.

If you have a child who is planning on attending this provision, please can you/they look out for an email in the coming weeks inviting your child in for their induction. 

Best wishes, 

Miss Thomas

For Year 11 students who are considering attending Access Creative College:

 - If you have already received an interview and been offered either an unconditional or conditional offer - that still stands

 - If you don't get the results you expected on results day, the college will have a helpline available from the 13th August for you to talk through your queries

 - If you are awaiting an interview, this can be arranged using various online platforms.  Book your interview here: 

 - If you still need to apply for a course, please head to

If you require more information or have any further questions about your final destination, please contact Miss Thomas.


Information & support for Year 11 parents and students



Please see the tabs on the left hand side relating to GCSEs (timetable, new gradings, revision booklets/tips), leaver's prom and post 16 information. Please note that all prospectuses for colleges/sixth forms can be found in the library. If you need any support filling out you application form please speak to Ms Thomas, Careers & Employability Coordinator.


Please visit our Careers page for more information about support and useful websites to visit.
Welcome to V6, a co-educational Sixth Form and joint venture between Colston's Girls' School and FHS.

View V6 website here

V6 provides an inspirational environment enabling students to flourish and achieve their personal ambitions within a brand new centre boasting suites of classrooms, study areas plus a common room.

We’re really excited to be a part of this project; our students will not only benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities and the chance to meet new friends, but a number of our teachers will also be teaching there, making the transition to further education a smoother process.

V6 offers 26 different A-Levels and a growing number of vocational Level 3 courses. Whilst we cannot underestimate the importance of academic success, V6 Sixth Form is about much more than examination results. As with FHS, its diverse community is united by the drive each student and every teacher has to make exceptional progress, grasp opportunities and achieve ambitions.

We look forward to sharing more details in due course; in the meantime, feel free to email Vice Principal Amanda Bridgewater via


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  3. Key information regarding Post-16 destinations

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge