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Work Experience - WEX

Thank you to all those companies (and local primary schools) who took our students in the last academic year. Below gives just a flavour of these companies; we are very grateful. 81% of the year group going out on placement, which is the biggest cohort of students yet!


About WEX

Students have the opportunity to go on a work experience placement during the last term of Year 10 and a placement for 5 days can be arranged for all students.

We see work experience as an integral part of every student's education and an excellent opportunity to learn about the world of work. Some of the benefits of a work experience scheme include the following:

-                      development and growth of self-confidence and maturity

-                      greater thought given to future career intentions

-                      learning basic and transferable skills

-                      learning about employers’ expectations e.g. timekeeping

-                      applying skills learnt at school

-                      improving employment chances

Work experience is most effective when students carry out their placement in an environment which identifies with the subjects they enjoy and/or where they are able to develop an interest in a particular career field.

We have a scheme whereby the student initiates the arrangements for their own placement.  It is important the students obtain the type of placement which they want and consequently that the employers receive interested and well-motivated students. In addition, we feel that with Records of Achievement, the whole process of applying for the placement can be recorded as a positive achievement on your son/daughter’s R.O.A.


1     Work experience placements are very competitive and an early proactive approach will aid students to secure their choice of placement.

2   Placements should also be avoided where the firm employs fewer than five employees.  Employers must hold Employers liability insurance and Public liability insurance

4     Particular attention should be paid to placements in Farming, Construction and Garages with regard to Health and Safety risks.

Below is the Work Experience Placement Letter along with the Employers Form that MUST be completed in full once your child has successfully obtained a work placement.

If you wish to discuss any of this further, or if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Thomas or 0117 9527100



  1. Work Experience letter V3
  2. WEX placement form

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge