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Heads of Year will lend out school shoes and ties to anyone not in the correct uniform without a medical note. We will be expecting students to hand in an item such as house keys or a phone as a deposit for the lend that they can collect at the end of the day. If a student requires multiple lends, the option will be available to buy the school shoes for £15, payment by cash or cheque at reception. As a reminder, school shoes must be black, polishable and with no branding visable.

Fairfield High School Uniform 2020-21 

At FHS, we expect the highest standards of our staff and students. This is to prepare them for success in adult life and for the expectations of employers.

  • Any student not in correct uniform will be issued with a 15 minute detention after school on the same day. Their tutor/AC will discuss the issues and timescale for uniform issues to be solved. If this is persistent the school may choose a stronger sanction.
  • If there is an exceptional circumstance and a student arrives without full, correct uniform, they must have a note in their planner to explain the reason. Their tutor or AC will decide if the reason given is acceptable, and they will be issued with a yellow slip, which means they will not be kept after school.



  • White long or short sleeved shirt with collar (both boys and girls). Shirts should be tucked in.
  • FHS tie (appropriate to House)
  • Black, smart, tailored trousers or skirt (no more than 3cm above the knee).  
  • Black smart shoes only:

 - they must be polishable.

 - they should not be made by a sports brand and there should be no sports logo on them at all.

- the heel can be up to 3cm, but no higher

- the shoe must cover the whole foot or have a strap to secure over the foot if they are smart pumps or smart slipper shoes

  • Navy blue V-neck jumper with FHS logo (if the student chooses to wear a jumper on any given day).


  • Headscarf (if worn) – Plain navy blue or black only
  • Charcoal grey, smart, tailored uniform shorts
  • White short sleeved shirt
  • Jewellery: Only one plain signet ring / ear-studs only
  • Plain single colour simple hairband - Navy blue or black only.
  • In years 10 and 11 only, if a student studies Dance, Drama (GCSE) or Sport Science (Cambridge National) they have the option of ordering a personalised FHS hooded jumper. Please see the PE and Performing Arts team for further details.

Example of NOT PERMITTED (this list is not exhaustive)

Please DO NOT allow your child to wear / have these items:

  • Oral or facial piercing
  • Excessive makeup
  • Jewellery: hoops, dangling earrings, visible necklaces, more than one ring, or bracelets
  • Bandanas
  • Skin-tight trousers: Leggings, Jeggings or “skinny” style trousers / jeans / stretchy trousers
  • Jeans or trousers of jean style material
  • Sports shorts or baggy shorts. Shorts with logos
  •  Short or skin-tight skirts
  •  Abayas
  • Footwear: trainers, canvas shoes / daps / plimsolls/slipper shoes / pumps (without a securing strap), dolly shoes, high-heeled shoes
  • Outdoor clothing such as: coats, hats, caps, scarves etc may not be worn inside the building at any time. They may be confiscated if they are.

Please note that shoes, socks and tights must be removed for lessons in the Drama/Dance studios.


Sportswear is not to be worn outside of lesson/clubs.

PE UNIFORM – to be worn for all KS3 and KS4 PE lessons


·  Regulation Navy Blue Training Top 

   with Fairfield printed logo

·  Navy Blue Rugby Shirt with

   Fairfield Logo

·   ¼ Zip Training Top (Optional)

·    Navy Shorts

·    Yellow football socks

·    Football Boots

·    Trainers

·     Navy Blue Training Joggers

·    Gumshield

·    Shin Pads


·         Regulation Navy Blue Training               Top with Fairfield printed logo

·         Full Zip Training Top with logo

·         Navy Blue Shorts

·         Navy Blue Skort (Optional)

·         Yellow football Socks

·         Football Boots (Optional)

·         Trainers

·         Navy Blue Leggings 

·         Gumshield

·         Shin Pads

*Please note school cannot take any responsibility for accidents caused through lack of correct equipment.


Uniform Supplier

Our school uniform supplier is Sportswear International.

To order your school uniform, please FILL OUT THE ORDER FORM BELOW. Alternatively:

-  Visit or pick up an order form from school

-  You can order online, by calling 0845 519 0099, or by posting your order form

-  Payment can be made by credit card or cheque

-  Items will be delivered to your home address within 4 working days (or 5 days longer if paying by cheque) for the postage cost of £4. (This is advisable for large orders but for orders of single items, you may opt to have your order sent to school for your child to collect. It is therefore important that you set up the order IN YOUR CHILD'S NAME)





  1. Shoes clarification letter
  2. School Uniform Information
  3. Fairfield High School Pricelist

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge