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WEX Story by Grace Dunkley 11N

Employer: Burges Salmon

 I experienced a magical week at Burges Salmon and met some wonderful people during the program. I went on this journey with one of my closet friends Nila Begum, and I`m happy I was able to share it with her. I was welcomed by everyone at Burges Salmon employees and fellow Bright Sparkers. I was really pleased with all the departments I was placed in and had one of the best times learning about and in those areas of practice. All the Bright Sparkers worked on a project in two teams about a law we felt passionate about. 

 The departments I went into were; 

  1. Employment  

  1. PCWS (Private Client Wealthy Services) (It also goes by PCS but personally I went PCWS) 

  1. KIS (Knowledge Information Services) 

I went to Employment on the first day and was shadowing an employee called John Smith, but I was placed next to a courteous employee called Meghan Summers who helped me whenever needed. John wanted me to listen on a call but due to my age I missed that opportunity overall, I understood the task I was appointed with and I enjoyed shadowing within this department.  

On the second day I headed to PCWS not having a clue what I was in for and having only heard of it on my timetable. I was welcomed by employee Ed (Edward) Hayes, he was extremely friendly and explained the department he worked in. I relished in the task I was given and had a fun time learning about department.  

On third day I went into KIS, again I was bewildered by that department luckily, I was a joined in that area of practice by fellow student Nila Begum. I found out that KIS is similar to a library but help lawyers get the books they need and with Nila and employee June Brown I discovered that this area is what all the lawyers depend on and that the law firm would fall apart without their help.  

I wasn’t sure what area I wanted to go in to and because of my time in PCWS I have been in contact with Ed Hayes to find out how he got into that area of practice and he has really helped me with my choices for the future. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Burges Salmon and if I had the chance to go back and have this exact same experience again, I definitely would. I met some incredible people on the way and I'm happy with the way everything went during my time there.  


WEX Story by Ticarra Morrison 11P

Employer: Barclays Bank

I went on a week's work placement at Barclays Bank.  During the week I had the chance to work with several different members of staff in a variety of departments, such as Mortgage Advsiors and Essentail Banking (The Cashiers).  This allowed me insight into the day to day tasks for each department.  On placement, I learnt how to use all the machines and I even managed to process a few cheques myself.  I made sure that I asked lots of questions because banking is a career I would potentially like to go into.

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