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The Department is highly successful and offers French, German, Spanish and Arabic. The Learning Leader is supported by specialist teachers and Language Assistants from Bristol University. We are well resourced with modern equipment and an excellent range of teaching resources and authentic material. We subscribe to language websites which we incorporate into lessons as well as allowing students to access them at home and in school.

Key Stage 3:

Year 7 and 8

Our students are taught French and either German or Spanish as their curriculum entitlement in Year 7, and this continues in Year 8. In order to equip students for the new GCSE they will study three lessons of French per fortnight in Year 7 and two lessons per fortnight of either Spanish or German. In Year 8 they will study two lessons per fortnight of French and three lessons per fortnight of either Spanish or German. The aim is to give students a strong language provision in two Modern Foreign Languages.

Year 9

In Year 9, students learn 1 language and will be asked in Year 8 to make their language choice. They can choose from the two languages they learned in Year 7 and 8 or Arabic. They will have 5 lessons a fortnight of their chosen language and will begin to follow the AQA GCSE foundation course. Students are encouraged to continue with their chosen GCSE language in Year 10 and 11, having made a solid grounding in KS3. 

Key Stage 4:

Our students have the opportunity to study French, German, Spanish or Arabic as their Modern Foreign Language choice at Key Stage 4, following the GCSE AQA syllabus. In recent years several younger students have taken a GCSE in their mother tongue and have obtained excellent results. These languages have been Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Spanish.

Homework: This is set in accordance with the school policy. Students will be set homework tasks which are based on their classwork topics. They are also able to review their work and revise topics that they have found difficult. We also use a ”flipped learning” homework method, meaning that students have to complete tasks/ research topics before studying them in the lesson. Students are set regular vocabulary tests as part of the whole school Literacy Programme.

Trips: We organise several trips each year which include a joint two-day trip with the History department to Boulogne-Sur-Mer and the First World War battlefields as well as a Christmas Markets trip to Cologne, Germany. In addition to this, we also run a cross-curricular Spanish and Art trip to Barcelona. We have 2 international partner schools in France and Germany.  In 2013 the MFL department successfully won a bid to fund exciting cross-curricular exchanges with our partner school George Lapierre in Bordeaux. In 2016 we participated in a cultural exchange with our partner school IGS Kronsberg in Hannover. In 2018, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the twinning of Bristol and Hannover which involved a join production of Fairfield and IGS Kronsberg students at Colston Hall and a week’s eventful twinning programme in Hannover.

Modern Foreign Languages are popular at FHS and the Department contributes a great deal to the general success of the students in different ways.  We run exam workshops with the help of the Language Assistants after school as well as organising visits to the Watershed Arts Centre to watch French, German and Spanish films.  We also have a varied selection of foreign films in the Department which we use to support learning.

“Whoever is not acquainted with languages knows nothing of his own” Goethe.




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