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International Links

We ensure students recognise and contribute to Fairfield High School as a community and reinforce their understanding of their roles in local and international communities.

We have partnerships with schools in India, Zambia and France.

Lefèvre Grant

We were successful in our application for the Lefèvre grant with our link school Georges Lapierre in Bordeaux, France.
The "healthy living" project will allow students in both schools to learn about their respective eating habits, to learn different sports they can play to stay healthy and to show the importance of sustainable living. Both schools will use the £10,000 to subsidise trips abroad and buy new equipment to enable the schools to communicate more effectively via Skype and Face-time.

French Penpal Link

Fairfield has had a very successful penpal link with Collège Saint Exupéry in Nancy, France. Students in year 8 exchange several letters in French and English over the school year. This has proven to be very successful and some students have continued to stay in touch with their penpals after Year 8.

German Partnership

We have set up a link with IGS Kronsberg Schule in Hanover and are hoping to obtain funding for a joint project. We were successful in our application to “Host a Teacher” as part of a British Council project which helps us to establish cross-curricular links.

Students also support a range of national and local charities through Citizenship.

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge