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Increase in use of Food Banks

Increase in use of Food Banks

By Freya

Last year in the UK the food bank usage in the UK went up by about 250,716 people, and every year this number rises. The main reason for using food banks is benefit delays. This is surprsing because you would think it would be homelessness but actually the amount of homeless people that use food banks is very low (5%). Some people wake up everyday and the food bank is what gives them food to eat. 3.7 million people use food banks in the UK. This is the graph of different reasons for food bank usage. Food Bank Usage.

Food bank history: the first food bank ever was St. Mary’s food bank which is in phoenix USA. it was established in 1967 by John Van Hengel; he created it to help the homeless because he had already been helping the homeless but he decided it was time for to a step further and created a place where he could do that.

What we can do to help?

There are little things we can do to help, for example, every once in a while, donate some food to the food banks. Just one can could feed one small family for dinner. You could donate some money to the food banks, but it’s only usually chains that you can donate money to. You could also volunteer there and help families in need of food.


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