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Head Student

We are delighted to congratulate Alice Towle in Year 11 on becoming Head Student following a recent process. Alice put forward an impressive proposal with some very strong ideas that will further improve Fairfield for everyone. We look forward to sharing these in due course. 

We managed to snatch a few minutes with Alice to ask her a few questions about why she wanted this position and what her plans are; here is her response:

Why did you want this position?

I wanted to give something back to FHS. I also wanted to give something to the whole school community (especially the younger students) by creating a legacy.

How do you feel you can benefit Fairfield and its students/community?

I've always been involved with different students from different backgrounds and communities, so this feels natural to me. I've led groups like FemSoc in the past too. I feel I am relatable to many peers and students, and I hope my approach, honesty and reliability will allow me to further engage with multiple students.

How pleased are you to accept this position? 

I'm overjoyed! I know I've got my work cut out to make a difference and ensure standards are met. 

In summary, I want to ensure Fairfield is kept open, welcoming and diverse, especially with the current climate we are in. I want to be supportive of those who face concerns around matters such as LGBTQ and racism and generally make Fairfield an even better place!


If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge