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Employability Workshop (March 2019)

We welcomed Lloyds Bank recently; 25 volunteers arrived at FHS from local branches ready to deliver an Employability workshop to 30 of our Year 8 students along with 7 Elmfield students. Our FHS students were selected by their tutors and Head of Year as students who have expressed an interest in developing their entrepreneurial skills.

The workshop kicked off with the students and volunteers getting to know one another. The volunteers explained their various job roles within Lloyds Bank and the steps they took to work within the financial sector - the students were shocked to learn that not everyone in the room was an actual banker!!! The students then took it in turns to inform their volunteers about their own personal and career driven goals along with discussing what important employability skills are required. Great to hear so many key buzz words from the students: Communication skills, Creativity, Teamwork, Problem Solving to name a few...

Once the intial meet and greet was over, the hard work began. We had eight groups competing against each other; they had two hours to create a brand new APP that they would then pitch to a judging panel. It was great to see the creativity of their APPs come to life! Groups had to consider their target audience, the costings, how they would advertise the product and how much profit/revenue they would make.

Each group did fantasically well to stand up and pitch their APP to a room full of volunteers from Lloyds Bank. Two teams were selected to go head to head in the final in front of a judging panel. In the end, our winning group was chosen as 'FITCHEET' they designed a new keepfit APP. They had thought extremely hard over their costing and profit making; even considering how much money they would pay themselves over a year. Their APP was very on trend, with the group considering advertising their brand to individuals who are involved with weekly  grouped 'Park Runs' - a very popular way of keeping fit.

Well done Team FITCHEET!

Besides having an overall winning group, there was the possibility of three lucky students, winning a £10 gift voucher for Cabot Circus. Across the day, we were on the lookout for key individuals who shone in their emploaybility skills; whether that was demonstarting their strong leadereship skills; to providing encouragement and praise for other members of their team; to them being an overall awesome student. Well done to Elijah 8R, Rose 8T and Oscar 9E for winning these vouchers!

Miss Thomas says, 'With the awareness of knowing that if students have meaningful contact with at least four or more employers throughout their school life, they are five times less likely to become NEET - there was no way I was passing up this valuable opportunity for our students. Thank you so much to all the volunteers from Lloyds who gave up some of their time to work with some of our students, developing their entrepreniual skills. It was a great to hear the volunteers speak so highly of our students, especially when they were refering to their teamwork and creativity.'


If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge