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Community Apprentice: May 2017

Over the past nine months, a select group of students have been involved with the Envision Programme, which is now nearly at a close. Since the Community Apprentice's part of the completion back in December, where our two teams (Team Regen & Team Hopefulness) were awarded a sum of money to help with the delivery of their respective projects, both teams have been working extremely hard to make their project a reality.

So what have both Teams been up to?

Team Hopefulness

With an aim to raise awareness of homelessness, an issue that is imminent in the Bristol area, the students decided they would help deliver an off-timetable day to our Year 7 students on the importance of Money Management. The workshop involved a taste test challenge, whereby the students had to identify the ‘Named’ brand Vs ‘Store’ Brand. Nearly all the students identified the ‘Store’ Brand as having the better flavour, which came as a shock to all! By the end of the workshop all students were budgeting their weekly allowance set and competing against each other to who had the most money left over.

Students also raised money for Julian House, a Homeless Hostel in Bristol, through hosting a special ‘Doughnut Sales’ event. We are delighted to say that our students raised close to £200 for this great cause.

Team Regen

With the aim of cleaning up their local area, Team Regen set out to make our younger generation understand the importance of recycling and putting rubbish in the bin. Easton CE Academy and Glenfrome Primary School kindly offered Team Regen the opportunity to speak to their students. And boy, did they not disappoint!

Team Regen delivered an assembly to the entire student body at Easton CE Academy. They assembly was delivered with confidence and the students also put on a Q&A session with the primary students answering questions on what secondary school is like. Whilst at Glenfrome, our students presented their assembly to two Year 4 classes.

In addition to the delivery of assemblies, it was great to see Team Regen working alongside Litterati, a charity organisation working with various residents to help tackle litter. Whilst our students were out visiting the local primary schools, they also worked with them to create various designs of art. The top few designs from each school would then be selected and painted onto the regeneration of the M32 underpass near the skateboard park.

Our students dedicated a few hours of hard work to help spruce up the underpass and we hope you’ll agree that this space is now a brighter more vibrant space to walk by.

Miss Thomas says, 'I wish both teams the best of luck whilst presenting their final project in front of a panel of judges. Both teams should be really proud of how far they have come on their Envision journey.  Their confidence in public speaking has grown and it has been a pleasure to see them become passionate about a project and turn that project into reality.'

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge