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Community Apprentice: December 2017

Since September a small group of Year 10 students had been competing in the Envision – Community Apprentice – A programme designed to develop their employability skills whilst allowing them the opportunity to develop projects which benefit the local community. The competition is underpinned by a term-long programme of structured activities designed to improve pupils’, self-confidence, team-working a perseverance. As part of the programme, each team is linked with a local business to act as business mentors – our business link being Burges Salmon.

The students began the competition at the Launch event which was held at the Engine Shed back in mid-September.  It is here that the students not only saw their competition but they had the opportunity to select the chosen charity that their project was going to raise money for. After hearing all three charities pitch to the students, they decided the charity they would help raise money for was Caring in Bristol, a local charity aimed at helping the homeless, a huge problem faced by many people in Bristol today.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the students met regularly to discuss their project and how best they were going to raise money for Caring in Bristol. The team decided to host a Movie Night along with providing a tuck shop for those attending. The students were faced with many battles along the way to deliver this activity, especially with their being a last minute date and room change. However, the students handled the situation well – showing great resilience. The main activity the students were wanting to carry out was FHS Christmas Jumper Day, whereby both staff and students donated a pound each to wear their best festive jumper and tops. It was the responsibility of the students to promote the event to the rest of the school, they did so by creating a poster which they displayed across the school but also going into tutor bases and promoting – which helped many with their confidence in public speaking.

There were several occasions where the students worked alongside their mentors from Burges Salmon. It was during these sessions, where the mentors passed on some helpful tips and strategies for public speaking and delivering presentations.

Before we knew it, the final was upon us. Our students stood in front of a panel of judges and their competition teams from other local schools. Their objective was to deliver a well rehearsed presentation highlighting the team’s journey on raising money for Caring in Bristol. And boy, should they all be proud of themselves - this team was faced with many challenges throughout the weeks but each week they would pick themselves back up and find an alternative solution.  

Although we were piped at the final hurdle, our students should hold their heads up high. The total money raised for Caring in Bristol was over £600 which is truly amazing. 

Miss Thomas said, “The students should be really proud of their achievements throughout this experience and even though we weren't crowned the overall winners, there is still so much to celebrate. Each student participating in the programme is working towards three badges (earned from demonstrating various skills and volunteering for a set number of hours). Team Fairfield was the only team to have ALL its members receive the first two badges (Idealist and Activist) and overall, only five students across all teams were awarded all three badges (Change Maker) - four out of five students coming from Team Fairfield. Not to mention that the five students who received the three badges were entered into a prize draw to win a new iPad, with the winner being a member of Team Fairfield - Congratulations Grace Bridges. An experience they will truly remember!”

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge