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Budgeting for a holiday activity

During Maths Week, Year 8 students participated in a workshop activity led by 'Explore Learning'. They looked at a range of different hotel, flight and activity prices.

The task incorporated key numeracy skills such as simple calculation and fractions in order to budget an exciting holiday for the minimum price. One activity involved balancing the pros and cons of going for a 2 star hotel vs a 5 start hotel, and what activities would need to be sacrificed as they spent more.

The workshop built on work from previous lessons, with a focus on applying skills to a real life context. At the end of the workshop students were asked if they had enjoyed the task and the response was positive, with some students considering possible future careers in event management or holiday planning.  

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge