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Our Sporting Ambition

New grass playing fields for Fairfield High School were promised when the school was built ten years ago but this promise has not yet been fulfilled. Planning permission was granted for the pitches on South Purdown but Bristol City Council did not create them.

Earlier this year, the council signed a contract with Excalibur Academies Trust, which sponsors FHS, to provide the pitches but this was put on hold at the request of the Mayor because of concerns over the loss of public open space. The school has been in discussion with the council about possible alternative sites for these pitches, which are much needed.

For many years, our students have had to travel to grass pitches away from our site in Allfoxton Road to play rugby, hockey and football, at a cost of up to £30,000 a year for travel and hire.

Having our own grass pitches will enable us to offer rugby lessons for girls as well as boys and to improve our provision for football, athletics, rounders, cricket and cross-country, both in lessons and after school.

The need for the facilities has become more acute because our student numbers are rising rapidly.

Head of PE Sharon Davies says: “Students lose up to 30 minutes of every lesson by the time they have changed and made the bus journey and then done the same in reverse. This is having a negative impact on their fitness levels at a time when society is concerned about obesity in young people and there is a statutory requirement for schools to ensure that children have a full programme of sport having access to grass pitches is essential if we are to fulfil our duty to the young people.

“Having our own pitches will mean we are able to have more home fixtures after school, which will mean more parents allow their children to participate. At the moment, we can only play home games at our alternative site so we have a lot of away games. It can mean a late finish and children having to walk home in the dark.”

By next year the problem will be far worse because the current provision will no longer be available and our children will not have any access to grass pitches.

Kieran Kelly, Chair of FHS governors and a member of the board of Excalibur Trust, is keen to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

“We will be happy with any suitable pitches within walking distance of the school. We are awaiting a decision from council officers on where, how and when these will be provided.” It is also important to note that the community will share access to these facilities outside the school use time.

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge