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Bath Spa University runs Maths Workshops for Y11

A maths workshop was organised by Bath Spa University to help some of our Year 11 students master those key concepts of equations, fractions and angles.

Over two lessons students worked in small groups with the university students who have themselves been learning how to explain maths in order to master some core topics.

Over the whole morning over 40 of our students practised these skills to ensure that by the time they sit their GCSE they will know how to:

  • Find the angles in a polygon
  • Solve a pair of simultaneous equations
  • Understand how to divide fractions
  • Understand SOHCAHTOA

The students who attended all thought the session was extremely useful and recommended we invite them back next year.

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge