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Students attend university Language Festival

Students attended the Language Festival at the University of Bristol; they received a variety of workshops in Spanish, French and German, each with a distinct focus (e.g. performance in the target language; the target language culture; language learning and ICT). 

They also and had the opportunity to experience a taster session in a new language (Italian, Japanese, Swahili, Arabic and Welsh)

The aim of the visit was to raise attainment and help to retain pupils in the classroom for GCSE. It was an opportunity for younger students of Modern Languages to engage in innovative, interactive workshops devised and delivered by PGCE students and Student Ambassadors for Modern Languages.

The workshops enabled the students to develop their listening and speaking skills in languages, as well as boost their confidence in learning languages.

Feedback from students:

"I enjoyed the activities. They were interesting and imaginative" Abdul 8P

" I enjoyed learning new languages like Arabic. I met my old friends" Fadumo 8Q

"It was awesome! My best moment was when I learnt a new language like Arabic" Mollie 8M

" I liked the fact that we could see what University students could do on a daily basis" Ana Rita 8N

"I enjoyed learning Welsh" Mohamed 8R

"I liked the day because there were a lot of activities and we could make friends with other schools" Zayyan 8S

"I liked it when we were speaking and repeating new French words" Kafi 8Q

" I liked doing rap because it was like a mixture of 2 subjects, French and music" Ana Rita 8N

"The day was great. There were a lot of opportunities to learn French and write a rap in French" Mohamed Hassan 8M

"I liked it when we played the Spanish game using quizlet. My team won!" Hiba 8R

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge