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Computer Science students visit Bletchley Park

Ms Clarke, Mrs Brown, all Year 10 Computer Science students and some Year 9 students who will be studying Computer Science in September 2015 thoroughly enjoyed a visit to Bletchley Park, once Britain's best kept secret and now a heritage site and computing museum where visitors can explore some of the iconic WW2 Codebreaking Huts and Blocks and marvel at the astonishing achievements of the Codebreakers whose work is said to have helped shorten the war by two years.

All students were outstanding ambassadors to FHS and one of our Year 9 students gives their verdict on the trip…


'At 8:30 we left for an exciting trip to Bletchley Park to learn about the history of computers. We got to the site at roughly 11:30 and were welcomed by friendly volunteers. They gave us a quick safety announcement followed by a presentation on codes and ciphers related to Bletchley Park.

We then went to see a machine called “Tunny” which was built to decipher the Lorenz code (used by the Germans in WWII) by Bletchley Park engineers and mathematicians.

Next we went to see the world famous “Colossus” which was developed for British code breakers during World War II to help in the cryptanalysis of the Lorenz cipher. Without them, the Allies would have been deprived of the very valuable military intelligence that helped to win the war.

Before lunch we went to see the “Harwell Dekatron” which is the world’s oldest functioning computer, and one of the first ever electronic calculators; it was about 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide.

After lunch we went to see a display of memory storage over the ages, binary codes and the evolution of personal computers.

We also got to program and play our own game on the “BBC Acorn”, a home computer designed to interest young people in the 1970’s and 1980’s in the world of computing.

Finally, we played on some games consoles from recent but not modern years, which highlighted just how fast technology is growing.

All in all it was a fun and educating day.  Thank you Ms Clarke for organising such an excellent trip.'

Romi 9M

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