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Students watch live presentation by Wikipedia founder

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales gave a live presentation to over 100 schools and colleges in the UK which was organised by “Speakers for Schools”. Two of our year 9 classes watched it and here is some feedback from the students involved:

'9M and 9R had the opportunity to watch a live stream of a presentation by the founder of Wikipedia. He spoke at a school about his experiences with online business and technology.'

'The founder, Jimmy Wales, talked about his first ideas about having an online encyclopaedia, his earlier business attempts and all the ways that they failed.  It was broadcasted to over 100 schools across the country and featured a very interesting Q and A.'

'The talk showed us that even if you fail you should carry on trying because failure can teach you a lot. He explained that when he first started with online businesses they didn’t work because the internet had not fully taken off yet; he then tried many other ideas until he finally came up with the idea of Wikipedia, a business plan with no real plan at all. He then explained that contrary to his initial beliefs, Wikipedia took off and is now the #5 most viewed website in the world.'


If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge