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FHS Law students debate with BPP Street Law

'Street Law is a firm that is owned by BPP University. A group of four people came and taught us about how laws are made and the process they go through to become laws. They gave a fun and interesting talk about how laws are either made by a single MP or a whole party coming forward with the idea. They told us about a group of lawyers who changed the idea to a formal bill to present to the House of Lords (Supreme Court). The bill is put into a first reading where it is read out and altered to suit what the Lords think makes it better. Once it is agreed they send it to the House of Commons and it is sent back and forth until it is agreed in both houses. The cabinet then makes the final changes for the Royal Ascent so the Queen can sign the bill off for it to become a law. If the Queen doesn’t sign it she gives up the throne. This process of Bill to Law can take anything between 6 months and 5 years.

After this we learnt that if a member votes against their own party the party whip gives them a verbal warning (known as a whip). After three whips that member is asked to leave the party.

We then had a mock debate over whether or not we should make a four day school week. The people who came to teach us split into groups and taught us the proper debating procedure such as who speaks when. The proposing side won by majority and one person opposed their own party which allowed us to see what happens when a party member gets whipped.

The lesson was really fun and interactive; we got to have a go speaking and we all learnt something new.'

Streetlaw gives students the opportunity to get involved in a historic project that educates members of the public about the law. They deliver knowledge of law, democracy and human rights to people would not otherwise have access to legal education. 

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge