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Fairfield Rocks

"I just wanted to message to say what a lovely school Fairfield is and how hard you (and the kids) work at harmony. Talking to other parents at other schools there seems to be so much integration of different ethnicities, cultures, points of view etc. The students genuinely mix, get along, are kind to each other. There seems to be much less in the way of mental health issues and drug issues (anecdotally) than other schools and the students are very clued up on current affairs. This is partly due to Citizenship and RE as compulsory subjects but also because teachers seem genuinely interested too. 

"I have been so happy that my kids could go to your school and that issues as they arise are generally dealt with. The students are generally speaking a happy, productive lot. I also love that they can now do Classical Civilzations which is normally the domain of fee-paying schools! I talk to lots of other parents and they do evangelise about the school and the focus on social harmony and social awareness that comes from the school itself, the students, the different cultures themselves and the parents. It makes for a special community."

Thank you to parent Paula for this glowing Fairfield Feedback.

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