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A round up to the year from Mr Lewis

We’ve had a wonderful year at Fairfield and the sunshine shows little sign of diminishing as we head towards Summer Gala, Core Skills Day and the holidays. It’s nearly time to rest and refresh.

As always our Year 11 students have worked extremely hard during the exam season. They deserve wonderful results on August 23rd. It’s always the highlight of my year to return from holidays and watch the students open their envelopes.

This year continues to see radical government changes to the GCSE exams system - moving to grades 1-9 and brand new exams in most subject areas. It is worth remembering that Ofqual and Ofsted have previously told all schools to expect unpredictable results but whatever the outcomes at Fairfield I know staff and students have worked tirelessly to get the very best results.

There have been many special events during the summer term, not least our annual Sports Day. With so much sport happening in the news from Wimbledon to the World Cup, it’s always a pleasure to see our future sporting heroes taking part in grass roots events like school sports days. The lovely weather even prompted the students into dance!

Charity is always a key theme at Fairfield and on thanks to the “Bristol Good Gym” we are very close to completing our in school allotment polytunnel. Willing volunteers gave freely of their time to help with construction activities that will give us an outdoor space big enough to fit a whole class in to learn about allotments and sustainable gardening. Another charity highlight this term has been the fantastic effort by parents, carers and friends of the school to raise over £652 from generous donations for our Core Skills Prizes Fund. This was well above the £300 target. Huge thanks to all that supported us.

As we move towards the summer we will be holding our popular, annual Year 6 Summer School and providing support to other students to improve their achievements. One thing to really enjoy over the summer will be trying to spot our very own “Feathers McGraw” on the Wallace and Gromit Trail. It has been designed by students with a “transition” theme and features the work of students from local primary schools who will be joining us as Year 7 in September.

Finally, I would like to remind you that we start back at 8.40am on Wednesday 5th September for the new school year. Please see our Uniform page (listed under ‘Parents’) on our website to support parents/carers in picking the correct clothing and shoes over the Summer, as I know from personal experience with my own children that the official uniform page is the best source of information. Can I also reiterate the importance of the correct equipment – students are expected to arrive in September with a stocked pencil case, ready for the next chapter in their learning journey.


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