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Welcome to the academic year 2019-20

A very warm welcome to our first newsletter and an even bigger welcome to the “Fairfield Family” and all of our new students, parents/carers and staff.

Way back at the start of September we held our traditional tree planting ceremony and I can see that those trees are already taking root just like our Year 7 students. As with last year, I have begun meeting the Year 7s in our Friday afternoon Principal Teas. Already I have had some excellent ideas on how we can make our school even better. We keep our community in touch in a variety of ways with this newsletter and our official Facebook page (which can easily be found via our website or by searching for 'Fairfield High School – FHS' within Facebook), being two of the most popular methods.

I am very pleased to say that our staff and recent Year 11 leavers have achieved great results again this summer. The progress that students make at our school places us within the top 10% of school nationally, and we are in the top three for progress of mixed secondaries in Bristol. Our diverse population and positive community spirit all help make it easy for our students to do well. We will be celebrating with our previous Year 11 students at our Presentation event on 14th November, so please save that date if you a former Y11 student or parent/carer reading this. Formal invites have also been sent via post.  

Last week I had the privilege of watching FHS students speaking at the University of the West of England (UWE), along with other students from both state and independent schools. They were promoting ways in which we could tackle the climate crisis, with two key demands being to reduce the use of disposal plastic bottles and to reduce food waste. A smaller group from our Eco Team also met with me personally to lobby for change. I am very pleased to say that, as a result of this, the school is committing to become plastic bottle free from January. This will mean we will stop selling plastic bottles of drinks/water from the new year. We will have much to do in order to prepare for this change… but most importantly praise should be given to our students changing the world by changing people’s minds and behaviours.

On another environmentally friendly note, we will be hosting our first “Fairfield Fashion Fizz” on 6th November. This event will highlight the extent of which fashion is disposable; through reusing and repurposing clothing demonstrates there are other ways of doing things. The fashion evening will take the form of an exciting show whilst raising money for charities - what’s not to like?!

Finally, I was very lucky to welcome back former Fairfield student Steve Stacey to the school. As some of you will be aware Steve was the first African American to play professional league football in the UK, including spending time at Bristol City Football Club. Steve received a warm reception from students as he shared his experiences from his book “The Colour of Football”.

As the nights are starting to get dark, I will end by asking any parents that drop students off, or pick students up, by car to do so well away from the zigzag lines outside school. In the winter months this can present a danger to other students. Traffic and students don’t mix.

Wishing you all a very productive but restful and safe half term.


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