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Term 3's highlights

So, the first term of 2019 is nearly over and already much has happened.

The school league tables were published in January and once again placed us amongst the top performing schools in Bristol. As I have said before, this is down to the hard work and dedication of the excellent staff and of course, students… and parents/carers too.

As Year 11 get ready for the final push before exams with preparations for PPEs (Mocks) on 25th February, I would really like to emphasise the need for balance with exam preparations. Being in the right mindset and establishing good sleep patterns and taking a break is as essential to exam success as revision. The role parents/carers play in helping with revision or calming exam nerves often goes unnoticed but at Fairfield we know you make a real difference, so I wanted to say thank you …and please make sure students get at least some rest in the holidays. We work them hard the rest of the time.

This term we have relaunched and upgraded our catering facilities at Fairfield. We have invested in new serving areas, new seating inside and out and a name change. DJs Diner will now be known as the “World Canteen” to reflect the school’s welcoming values and diverse heritage. Over the next term we will also be installing an additional covered area to provide shelter come rain or shine. These things have all been requested by students, so it is very pleasing to be able to provide them. New items are also appearing on the menu, so watch this space.

Diet forms an essential part of the recipe for success at school and we are very lucky to be able to offer a free cookery/healthy eating course. Not only will those participating learn all about food, but also how and why certain foods can impact on mood and brain function.

On a closing note I would like to remind all students (and staff) that the school site opens at 8am, when students can take advantage of our excellent free – yes free! - Breakfast Club which we are running as part of our “Magic Breakfasts” trial to support what we already know… eating well helps you perform well. There are free cereals available, plus bagels with a range of spreads. Please support this free provision by utilising it.



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