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Brilliant & busy term for FHS Dance

It’s been a brilliant and busy term for the dance department with our GCSE dancers being given incredible opportunities to work with and watch professional dance artists to inspire and help develop their performance skills and choreography.

To start off the term, our Year 10s enjoyed a one-off reward workshop with Issie Lloyd who has said: after delivering a successful Dancehall workshop to some very enthusiastic and talented Year Tens, the room was buzzing and the energy was high! The focus of the session was to pass on the foundations and techniques of this movement style and encourage the participants to dance socially with one another. This encourages individuals to interact through the means of dance and drop any boundaries that may have been present when entering the room (which can often be the case when learning a new style). The outcome of the session was wonderful and the students grasped the material well and each added their own flavour! We understand some individuals attended the Creative Youth Networks taster session on Thursday 13th December at Little Mead Primary School, and will then go on to join our creative dance course in January.

Secondly, our GCSE Dancers were taken to the Theatre Royal in Bath to watch Ballet Rambert perform four pieces ranging in style and theme. It was a trip down memory lane for the dance teachers who watched the piece that they studied for their own GCSE Dance quite a few years ago! Miss Thompson was impressed by the analytical comments the dancers made and created a choreography lesson for the following day based on the unusual and original style of Ballet Rambert.

The Year 11 students also enjoyed a workshop with Bryn Thomas from Boomsatsuma, who developed their skills in floor work looking specifically at lowering yourself to the ground in a safe and fluid manner. The dancers developed their skills through physical exercises and finished by learning a fast-paced phrase which they will be using for their final exam piece.

As if this wasn’t enough, the GCSE dancers took part in an incredible 3 hour workshop with professional dancers from James Cousins Dance Company. The workshop was focused around the professional work Within Her Eyes which the students have to analyse and evaluate for their theory exam at the end of Year 11. The work is unusual in that within the duet, the female dancer is lifted and held off the floor for the entire duration of the performance. The dancers learnt skills in lifting and contact work, looking at the safety and execution of challenging phrases. This was an exceptional opportunity to work with professionals and learn repertoire from the work that they are studying for their course. Lykiesha Barrett said ‘I can now fully appreciate how difficult it is for the male dancer to lift the female dancer throughout the work!’

The dance department are looking forward to the events in 2019 – A Night at the Musicals, Stages, The Great Big Dance Off and The Summer Gala! Please email for any information regarding the dance department.

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