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We had a blast during Science Week

Monday: Our T Shirt Quiz launched Science Week. All week the Science Department were wearing an organ of the torso displayed on a T shirt. House points and prizes were awarded to students who identified them. Staff were greeted with cries of ‘spine’ or ‘small intestine’. 

We had STEM ambassadors from the engineering firm Avante visit; the activity culminated in the design of a new windmill for electricity generation. Well done to Antoni, Sahail, Felix and Muhyadin for their winning design:

Tuesday:  More STEM ambassadors visited the school, this time from Bath University Hospital. Two members of the Pathology Department brought data from a real case and students had fun diagnosing the patient. 

WednesdayFairfield Science Department were delighted to host Sefton Park Year 4 students during the Explorer Domes States of Matter Show.  Fun was had by all with experiments and interactive demonstrations involving solid Carbon Dioxide, liquid Nitrogen and liquid Oxygen.  ‘Cool’ was the most common phrase uttered during the show and they weren’t just describing the temperature of the chemicals involved.  As always it was a pleasure to host pupils from Sefton Park so a big thank you goes out to their teachers and volunteers for helping this event run so smoothly. Our Year 8 and 9 students were also treated to the 'cool' show:


Thursday:  Years 7 students saw the light with the amazing ‘Physics of Light’ show presented by Dr Cattermole, our Institute of Physics ambassador.  Pupils were enthralled by interactive demonstrations to highlight the properties of light including: the use of coloured light from flames to identify elements; the use of light to understand the scale of the universe; and the explosive ‘whoosh bottle’!  May we take this opportunity to thank the IOP and Dr Cattermole for their support with this and many other interventions provided to enhance the Physics curriculum at Fairfield High School.

Friday:  Year 7 students had an amazing Finale lesson to end Science week with the Eclipse.  Students were taught the causes of the Eclipse and were given the opportunity to predict its effects before going out to experience it for themselves.  Using special safety glasses and the ‘colander’ method to protect eyes, pupils were able to see the changing shape of the Sun as the Moon passed between the Sun and Earth to cast a shadow upon us.  Enthusiastic describes 7S’s fervour during the lesson. Mr Mears said: ‘ It was definitely a real treat to be able to teach a subject as it happened’ 

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