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Our Dancers are Streets Ahead

Over 25 Year 9 students took part in a fantastic dance workshop lead by professional dancer Laura Street. Laura studied at the prestigious Northern School of Contemporary Dance and has performed with various popular companies such as  The Royal Shakespeare Company, Travelling Light Theatre Company and Oily Cart Theatre Company to name but a few.

The students enjoyed taking part in an intensive two hour technique and choreography class. They developed a variety of technical skills through warm up, floor based and travelling exercises which had all the students excited and enthusiastic - even in their water break, they continued dancing the phrases across the atrium!

Laura then taught energetic street based choreography followed by more fluid and expressive contemporary choreography.

Dance teacher Miss Thompson said ‘it was so lovely to watch every student perform the two different styles so well; they clearly demonstrated the contrasting qualities of both styles.’

The students were given time in groups to explore and experiment with the two phrases. They selected and linked particular motifs from both to create a new phrase to perform to the rest of the class. Laura Street was incredibly impressed by the standard of performance skills and technique of the students and even commented that Zerya Ratha (9P) will clearly be a professional dancer one day – much to Zerya’s delight!

Romi Bhakerd “It was great to learn different styles of dance, it was really fun”

Abbi Bayliss “It gave me ideas of how to incorporate lots of moves into my own choreography. It appealed to everyone and I really enjoyed it. I want to do it again!”

Watch this space for more exciting events happening in the Dance Department!

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