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Countdown to Feb Science PPEs

Yes the countdown to the final set of mock examinations for our Year 11 Science students is well underway. These are an invaluable opportunity to focus your revision before the real examinations in May. The focus of the February Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) PPE's will be on paper 2s.  

Revision should now be in full swing. We hope that all students have made a revision timetable which is manageable for them and gives them a good balance of work, rest and play. Revision timetables are easy to make using revision guides by simply dividing up the number of topics between the number of weeks up to the week and spreading out the revision for that unit across each week. Many templates are available for this online and one has been included on SMHW. We sincerely hope that students are taking full advantage of the resources that have been posted on SMHW which are as follows:


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Kerboodle past papers and mark schemes

Mrs Khan

PixL mind maps for each unit

Mr Mears

Useful revision links and app

Mrs Rapps

In addition to the intervention offered to students at Academic Review Day, we have put fpur targeted weekly intervention sessions in place this term which will run until the end of this term and resume again after the February PPE's.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Year 11s the very best of luck in their mock examinations.

Science Team


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