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Our Son's Experience at Fairfield High School

A parent gives his perspective on Fairfield in order to share his experience with other parents who are in the process of considering which secondary school is right for their child:

'Dear fellow parent,
I would like to reassure you about the available options for secondary education in BS7 and about Fairfield High School in particular.
Our son started at Fairfield last September. We were delighted that he settled into Fairfield so quickly and were very impressed by the efforts the school made to ease the transfer from primary school. Right from his first visit to the school, our son told us that Fairfield just felt right for him and, now that he is there, he is very much enjoying secondary school life. He is never unhappy to leave our house in the morning and he enjoys telling us about whatever he has done that day when he gets home.
Academically, the work that he is doing stretches him and we are pleased with the progress that he making: the school clearly encourages children to achieve. Communication between the school and ourselves has been very good and we have been reassured by the caring and conscientious way that staff have dealt with any questions that we have had. Whenever we have emailed his tutors to ask a question about homework, or to find out more information about anything happening at school, his tutors have responded almost always on the same day.
However, what is also clear is that Fairfield High School is a school that values children's individuality and looks to foster a sense of community and mutual respect as well as their academic success. 
As parents, we have experience of the sense of impending concern and panic when the decision about secondary schools is looming. Our own experience is perhaps very common to those living in the BS7 area. We started our family living in St Werburghs and spent many years worrying about what to do about secondary schools. Without ever visiting Fairfield, we perhaps unfairly worried about the local choices that we had and after much debate we were poised to move out of Bristol. However, despite having sold our house, we changed our mind and decided to remain in the area. In fact, although we had the opportunity to move nearer to other schools, we bought a house in Ashley Down knowing full well that this put Fairfield as our closest school. We had been reassured about the school after attending an open evening and talking to many parents of children who were already there. In fact, Fairfield High school was our first choice on the application for a secondary place.
There is no need for a new Free School in this area. Fairfield is the local school and I would urge any parent to consider applying for a place. I feel very strongly that any proposal for a new school is not only unnecessary, but in some way perpetuates an uninformed perception that Fairfield is not a good school. We would be very concerned by any proposal that has the chance to negatively affect Fairfield High in any way.'

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