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Laying down roots in a symbolic ceremony

Year 7 students have been putting down roots by planting fruit trees with their tutor groups. In a symbolic ceremony, each group has the opportunity to plant a tree (this year’s offerings include crabapple, apple and pear), so that they can enjoy watching it grow over their time at the school.

Parents/carers have also been invited to witness this special occasion during the first week of their child’s time at FHS. Tree planting complements the carefully constructed transition programme at FHS, which has included one-to-one appointments, games events, a transition day/evening and a summer school.

Donavan Shand, Achievement Co-ordinator for Year 7 comments: “This event is such a special occasion for our Year 7 students; it’s a symbolic way of celebrating their start to secondary education, it gives them a sense of unity and fulfilment, and of course they can enjoy watching their tree blossom over their years at Fairfield.”

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