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Bristol ‘My Home’ wins Cultural Poetry Competition

Well done to Year 8 students Lou, Ettie, Oona and Tilda who wrote this stunning and thought-provoking poem entitled ‘Our Home’, which was picked as the winner in a recent in-class competition.

The students were studying culture poetry - the ideas surrounding culture and multiculturalism - and the various poems which represented this from around the world.

To sum up their learning, the pupils wrote some collaborative culture poetry (in groups of four). The poems are also a response to images about culture (busy markets, traditional dress, Bristol etc). 

Oona comments: “Our task was to write a poem. We had one lesson, four pictures, four brains and we went for it! We all had some good ideas which we put together to create this poem. It also helped that we were able to choose who we could work with.”

Ettie adds: Bristol is such beautiful place to live, so we tried our best to capture that in this piece of writing. We started with a simple metaphor which developed and blossomed until we had our finished piece.”


Our Home


Shades of yellow go dancing by

Majestically standing, head held high

Scales flowing, traditions ignite

Culture is beautiful, traditions are light


The bubbling bustle of rainbow fruits,

Colourful cultures embracing their roots,

Glistening raindrops like tears from the sky,

This doesn't faze them, their lives will go by


Celebration of culture, family's unity,

The past is our values, and for our values we'll fight

Holiday habits, traditions fly high,

Just as the moon and stars in the sky


The houses are whispering, tree confer

The air buzzing with our city's purr

The rainbow of colours reminds us of home

Our city of joy with clouds of foam


Bristol, Our Home 

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