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It's another gold for our superstar swimmers

Well done to students Nia, Romy and Rhiannon for their brilliant efforts, which resulted in a whole host of medals in last month's Scottish National synchronised swimming championships in Glasgow.

It was a two day event; on the Saturday the girls took part in solo figures against 67 girls, Nia won a silver medal in this event, Rhiannon came 5th, and Romy 11th.

To top off the weekend, on the Sunday, the girls swam their team routine and won gold! This is the second national event that the synchronised team have won this year; just a few months ago they were crowned champions in the England championships held at Manchester.

Nia's Mum Sarah comments: "We just can't believe that the girls have won gold in the second big championship this year, what an achievement! Their synchronised routine is really rather spectacular and we're so pleased that their many many hours of practice have paid off. We would also like to thank their coach for her inspiration and dedication."

PHOTO ABOVE: The Bristol club are those wearing blue.

PHOTO BELOW: Nia after winning her silver medal.

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