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Primary School Transition


Key Contacts

Year 7 Achievement Co-ordinator: Donavan Shand -

Transition & Summer School Co-ordinator: Jackie Kramer-Arden -

Assistant Vice Principal (with a Transition lead): Cashan Campbell -

If you would like to discuss how we can help your child with a specific learning need please contact our SENCO, Lee Mead:

Feel free to email with any general queries you may have.

Summer School

Please note that we may have to make the decision to cancel Summer School this year. Once we have further advice from the Government we will update this. Please keep checking back for updates. 

SAVE THE DATE! Summer School this year will be held week commencing Monday 20th July 2020. Please note that Summer School can only be booked once places to Fairfield High School have been formally accepted with Bristol City Council. Please email our Transition & Summer School Co-ordinator: Jackie Kramer-Arden - for more information/booking a place.

Transition Website

Our students have helped create a fantastic website especially designed to help those students who have recently joined us. Please view it here.

Magic Mornings -

Please note that the Magic Mornings booked for 30th April and 22nd May are likely to be cancelled. Once we have further advice from the Government we will update this. Please keep checking back for updates. 

We have a number of Magic Mornings (drop off 9am & pick up 11am) for Year 5 and 6 students in the forthcoming year. We warmly welcome primary school students to join us for a morning to see for themselves what all the fuss is about. Please note that the aim of Magic Mornings are to give young people a secondary school experience - there is by no means any guarantee that those attending will be enrolled at FHS. It is open to all young people in Bristol, regardless of whether they are or are not in the FHS catchment area.

Please include in your booking requests the following information: parent/carer name, child's name, primary school, current year, contact number and any SEN/medical information. Click HERE to see photos from our last successful Magic Morning.

Success from Day One

The move to secondary school means many changes for children - so we make every effort to know and understand the needs of individuals to try to ensure a seamless transition. FHS is unique in offering a specialist Transition Team to help students make a positive transfer from primary school. Our Achievement Coordinator, Mr Donavan Shand, meets children in Year 6 and stays with them throughout Year 7. Our team of staff are therefore experienced in dealing with the unique challenges that the first year of secondary school brings. Primaries identify young people who may struggle with transition for our Stepping Up programme.

Our work with future students continues all year. We run outreach activities with Year 4 and Year 5 children and our Year 7 students visit partner primary schools. Our renowned Magic Morning experiences give Year 5 & 6 students the opportunity to experience FHS for a day. Every child coming into our school is recognised as an individual. We want them to leave Year 7 as happy, successful and engaged young people - ready for the rest of their school careers.
Transition Activities

Induction Day

All Year 6 students are invited to come for a day to experience FHS and meet their tutor group.

Doubles and Singles Fun Day

Many of our students come from primaries with only one or two other young people. These students are invited to a special day on to meet other students who are in the same position.

Open Morning

Prospective students are welcome to visit FHS during an Open Morning on 30th June 2020. Please email to book a place. 

Over the Holidays…

Summer School

Students are invited to spend some time during the summer holidays getting to know their new classmates and having some fun! Fairfield Summer School is a week of helpful and engaging workshops designed to ease your child’s primary to secondary transition.

When they get here…

Specialist Transition Team and Achievement Co-ordinator

The first year of secondary school throws up its own unique challenges – therefore we have a specialist ‘Transition’ Achievement Coordinator that stays with our youngest students, and ensures their success into school.

Pastoral Support

Students can access a support worker every break and lunchtime. If students are struggling with school they may be referred for extra pastoral support or mentoring.


Tree Planting

Parents/carers are invited to attend a symbolic tree planting by Year 7 tutor groups on the first Friday of the school year. 

Student Mentoring

Year 8 and Year 11 students mentor the new Year 7s to make sure that we avoid the traditional ‘Year 7 dip’ in literacy, numeracy, and socially.

Principal Tea with students


Year 7 students will be invited to 'Principal's Tea', which gives a unique opportunity for Mr Lewis to get to know each and every student.



  1. Summer School Medical Form (pdf)
  2. FAQ Sheet Mar 2020
  3. Summer School Letter

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge