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World Issues Discussion Group

As soon as my partner and I walked into the room we could feel the chilled but serious atmosphere coming from the classroom. We were sat down and they were talking about different countries and how they are developed and what rank they are. Did you know that Brazil is in the second rank of a developing country? They had to choose a photo, make a title and make notes on the image before we came into the room.  They were learning and discussing the local issues and we managed to catch some: “Racism on rights”, “housing” and “non multi-cultural area”. I liked the way they all got to speak and have different opinions and nobody said it was a wrong or right answer. We interviewed Dwayne in Year 7, he chose Antarctica because he likes physical activities. In primary school he did something similar to what he is doing now; is able to be involved in activities and share his own opinions without being told what’s right and what’s wrong.


By Nicole Knight and Shazeen Shahn –  Year 9

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