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Seven days as a Chair of Governors

Week ending 5 February

Into school to meet with Mr Lewis.

As usual, the school is deep in learning mode! Lots going on.

A regular meeting: Governors asked about the new English Exam. The English Dept has been going to conferences and talking to other teachers in Excalibur Academies, there are no past papers so everyone is in the same boat.

This week we are concerned about the impact of the changes in Government funding, this is likely to hit Bristol hard. 

Discussed the next meeting of Governors. Training for everyone in the new approach to safeguarding children. Short version - everyone is responsible - if you have a concern report it.

Meeting papers arrive from our new Clerk, Mrs Hepworth, some minor changes. Two Governors have been into school recently, read their reports on employability and the curriculum.

Dr Kieran Kelly, Chair of Governors

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