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Hospital (Medicine) Open Day

Bristol Simulation Centre Open Day for 14-18 year olds – 27 July 2019

Do you know any 14-18 year olds who’d be interested in finding out what it's like to work in a hospital? Or finding out what a future career in the NHS might look like?

The Bristol Simulation Centre will open its doors on Saturday 27 July for a series of interactive sessions exclusively for 14 to 18 year olds. They’ll get to meet a variety of clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals and see how real life medical situations play out in a simulated clinical environment - with life-like manikins as the patients who can breathe and speak! There will be a variety of activities to get involved in.

Sessions run from 10am to 11am, then 11.30am to 12.30pm. Afternoon sessions will be added as the early spaces are filled.
For more details and to book a place go to this link.



If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge