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Core Skills Day


Our student journalists took over Core Skills Day for us. We were so impressed with their constant flow of fantastic tweets and Facebook posts.

See below a flavour of what they offered (which clearly demonstrates variation and creation for all of our students):

  • Year 10 Dodgeball - In the Sports Hall they played an intense and competitive tournament of dodgeball. Overseen by 4 teachers, this is a time for students to have fun and relieve stress that has built up over the past year. A teacher described the situation as “Year 10 Warfare”.
  • Mono Printing - In Miss Cronin’s graphic design lesson they are doing mono printing. Pupils have designed a group flag separately. Miss Cronin said this would teach them a new skill that they wouldn’t normally learn in year seven. This would also demonstrate class unity.
  • Miss Thomson - Musical in 1 hour. Everyone is doing a scene from Grease the musical - students are in 2 groups boys and girls and they are performing the scene of Danny and Sandy singing in school. Everyone looks like they are having lots of fun.
  • Core skills Singing and karaoke The students are having loads of fun in this session. They are on the stage using the microphones and on the board was the lyric with a backing track to sing along to. They sung ‘Up Town Funk’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Let it go’ from Frozen.
  • This class were designing the Eiffel tower out of plastic materials such as bottles, cups and straws. The students had a certain amount of time to build their creation out of the objects they were given.
  • During lesson 3 a class is making a mural of the school. Students were dotted round the classroom designing Islamic patterns to stick up on the board in the shape of the school.
  • Mr Hickey was organizing an oxygen butane rocket experiment and making them shoot on to the roof. This is so fun and also includes allot of science. The students enjoyed it and used teamwork to do it. They also thought it would be funny if they managed to blow something up!
  • Healthy Outdoor Eating -Mr Champion and 9P where doing outside cooking and they were making chicken flatbread with salads. The aroma smelled delicious and the food looked amazing. One student said He really enjoyed making the food and could not wait to eat it at lunch.
  • P3 : Earthquake proof structures This class were creating buildings with spaghetti and marshmallows. They were testing to see if the buildings they made would withhold earthquakes. First the students drew their designs on paper and then outside to build the actual structure.
  • Flamenco Dancing Miss Garrido was teaching her students to flamenco dance. She said she wanted to introduce some of her culture to her class, and would help with focused hand eye coordination and pair work.
  • P2 : Mono-Printing In the Art classroom, year 8’s were busy drawing their designs ready to mono-print them. Nadia says it was really relaxing, and Dani explains she likes the fact that she can get to draw what she wants.
  • P2 : T-Shirt – Bag Making Second period in the German room with Ms. Barnes, she taught a Year 8 tutor group how to make their old T-shirts into bags. There had been small plates of decorations sets out for the students to use such as googley eyes and coloured pens.
  • The Great Egg Drop Period 1, in Ms Carr’s room, where they we dropping eggs to see if the will survive. Everyone had a different approach, some weighed it down but more protection, and some tried to use parachute. This was a maths lesson on the balcony.
  • Period 1 - English Mr Gould and 7L. They were playing a WW1 Board Game were you and your partner try and capture the other side whilst going through obstacles and challenges. A student said it was fun and enjoyable and that they would give it a 9.5 out of 10!

At the end of the day, students were recognised for their outstanding attitude, behaviour or individual brilliance by teachers who gave these students raffle tickets. All of the prizes were then divided equally between the four different houses and each Head of House drew from the raffle tickets to award prizes. The prizes consisted of Amazon vouchers, Bluetooth speakers, bike lights, shopping vouchers for Cabot Circus and headphones. Thank you to all those who contributed to the Go Fund Me page which was the reason these prizes were possible.


On Wednesday 19th July students had the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities and workshops; this year's day-long event was based around the themes of internationalism and exploration.

What will happen on the day?

Students will move around the school, participating in 5 different workshops within the category they have chosen; learning new skills, meeting new people and generally having a great day!

Students took over the FHS website to document, explore & share their findings and feelings towards this special day of celebration. See the links on the left hand side!


Core Skills last year was very exciting for FHS students. They had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities, based around six different industries (Archaeology, Engineering, Olympian, Soldier, Journalist & Performer).

See the tabs on the left hand side for accounts of what they got up to and see their amazing NEWSLETTER below!


  1. Core Skills Week Newsletter

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge