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Art & Design

Welcome to the Art Department at Fairfield High School. The Art Department has recently become part of the Faculty of ‘Culture and Internationalism’. This exciting opportunity has already inspired us to plan a trip abroad for pupils to experience languages and arts outside the classroom.

What do pupils learn about?

Our projects are designed to bring Art and Design to life and to help pupils develop their artistic skills and expand their creativity, imagination and independence. What’s more, the possibilities for personal expression are endless.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 we build a foundation of knowledge and skills, to equip pupils with basic skills to progress throughout their time at Fairfield. We study how art first began, learn about different ways of drawings and adding tone, how to mix colours and at the end of year 7 pupils we study the art movement ‘Fauvism’ and create landscape paintings.

Year 8 pupils study Art in other cultures and illustration skills through our Day of the Dead project. The next project in the year is based around the artist Jon Burgerman, pupil’s study his designs and create their own 3D characters.

In Year 9 students begin to work more independently creating their own street art project. Later on in the year pupils learn about Pop Art and create a contemporary Pop Artwork inspired by everything from politics to fashion and music.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we offer GCSE Fine Art, Art Graphics and Photography. The courses allow students to build on their knowledge gained at Key Stage 3 and develop an independent approach to learning and creativity. The portfolios students create over the two years can be used to help them gain places at Higher Education colleges.

Over the past few years we have completed several projects out of school. We have painted Montpelier station and most notably the BTEC group created a mural for Redland Green station that has become a permanent feature. This won the department and BTEC group a FOSBR (Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways) award.

In addition

We take part in many competitions and our students have won the Sharp-Shotz animation prize twice, most recently in June 2017. The winning students created their film in partnership with Aardman, the BBC and UWE and were interviewed about the project by a local radio station. As a result of this success FHS now has a unique partnership with Sharp-Shotz giving students a opportunity to work at the BBC as well as the animation and film department at UWE every year. We encourage students to exhibit their work in local galleries and buildings. In 2015 we exhibited work from across the year groups at Southmead hospital.

Outside of the classroom, we offer Art Clubs at lunch times for Key Stage 3, and daily opportunities for Key Stage 4 students to complete extra work in school.



If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge