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Additional Resources/Revision Tips/Booklets


Vital resources/information to help prepare for this year's GCSE Art and Engineering Exams are available on the attached documents. Please see those starting with the word 'ART' or 'ENGINEERING', as appropriate.


Smart revision advice: Bitesize Highlights, courtesy of BBC


‚ÄčBelow are downloadable documents that will help you to revise for your GCSE English exams.



ENGINEERING - see attachment below

  1. An Inspector Calls Revision Guide
  2. Love-and-Relationships-workbook
  3. Love-and-Relationships-workbook
  4. English Language GCSE Revision Check List
  5. English Language GCSE Revision Check List
  6. English Literature GCSE Revision Check List
  7. English Literature Revision-booklet-The-Strange-Case-of-Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde
  8. English Literature Paper 1 JEKYLL & HYDE revision pack Y11
  9. Revision Guidance Y10-11
  10. Key Vocabulary Jekyll & Hyde
  11. English Language An Inspector Calls Revision
  12. Engineering Year 11 Unit 1 RevisionBooklet May 2018
  13. ART GCSE Grade boundaries PPE 2018
  14. ART Exam Information
  15. ART Exam 2019
  16. ART PiXL Independence - GCSE Booklet
  17. ART 2019 Examples Fine Art
  18. ENGINEERING Revision Booklet

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge