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'Bristol Mum' and 'Bishopston Mum' websites

I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce my websites Bishopston Mum and Bristol Mum to parents and students of Fairfield High School. I am a work-at-home mum to two children: a son who is six and a daughter who is four. I was born and raised in Bristol and am pleased to be raising my own children in Bristol, too. 

I started Bishopston Mum several years ago when my kids were very little. I knew my time with my kids was precious, yet was going so very fast and I wanted to have a record of our time together. But I also wanted to create something that would be useful to other people in the area, too. Because I read blogs and because my best friend had just started one, creating a blog seemed the obvious way to do this.

Prior to the initial launch of Bishopston Mum, I spent a great deal of time planning and deciding exactly what type of website that it would be. While I wanted to create a blog, I was unsure about what type of blog it would be and how it might be useful to other local parents.

I eventually decided that it would be about living specifically Bishopston, Horfield, Ashley Down and St Andrew's. I thought that seeing as the blog would be chock full of our outings to playgroups, classes, soft play and cafés, then I would review these “from a mum's perspective”.

Bishopston Mum took off and gained many followers. Over time, it developed and evolved, with new pages being introduced and many local parents also kindly agreed to share their thoughts and experiences of local resources.

Today Bishopston Mum has an Events Calendar which details local events coming up in the near future which are suitable for children and families. It also has a Mum Timetable which details local activities for mums (and dads too if they wish) and a Baby and Toddler Timetable with daily activities for young children. It also provides information about preschools, primary schools and secondary schools in the area. And in the next few weeks I am about to launch a brand new page detailing activities especially for children aged 4 – 11!

Following the success of Bishopston Mum, in 2013 I launched a second website called "Bristol Mum", a website aimed at parents all over Bristol. It details upcoming events for children and families around Bristol, daily activities for babies and young children throughout Bristol and provides lots of ideas and inspiration of things to do and places to visit in Bristol which are free! Bristol Mum also provides information and links to various types of support available to parentsto assist them in the sometimes very difficult task of raising children.

In 2014, Bishopston Mum and Bristol Mum won a Venus Award for Best Online Business in Bristol and Somerset: an achievement I am very proud of.

I gain huge enjoyment from writing my websites and hopefully inspiring local parents to explore and enjoy their immediate area, as well as greater Bristol. 

Please do visit Bishopston Mum and Bristol Mum:

Hilary Douglas-Smith 

Hilary Douglas-Smith - Winner of 2014 Bristol & Somerset Venus Award for Best Online Business


Bristol Mum Facebook page

If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge