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Domestic abuse support during lockdown

Since lockdown began there has been a rise in reports of domestic violence and abuse nationally. National news reports suggest that The National Domestic Abuse helpline has seen a 25% increase in calls and online requests for help since the lockdown (BBC). Hestia have seen a 47% rise in the use of their Bright Sky support App and Crimestoppers have seen a 50% rise in their referrals to police forces (Independent).  

As a school we are committed, as part of the Bristol Ideal Award, to tackling domestic and sexual violence and abuse (DSVA), through educating all of our community and providing information for those experiencing abuse to access support.

If you require support at this time there are a number of places you could go:

  • Boots pharmacies have opened safe spaces in their consultation rooms - just ask a pharmacist to use a consultation room and inside you will find support information for those experiencing domestic abuse. The pharmacist will not question why you need to access the consultation room so this is completely confidential.
  • Bristol City Council  have a page dedicated to support services for those experiencing abuse:
  • Bright Sky is a free to download mobile app, providing support and information to anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or those concerned about someone they know.


  1. Support for those experiencing DSVA - Parent info

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