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Make a photograph with Spinach!

The May ‘Lockdown Photography’ project of the Real Photography Company enables you use materials found at home and recreate the magic discovered

over two centuries ago*

Instructions at:

The Real Photography Company (RPC) is making available on its website: videos, instructions and images showing how to make photographs with materials found in your kitchen.

Over the past few weeks they have been experimenting with: Beetroot, Turmeric, baking powder, spinach, strawberry, sage, broccoli, soda crystals, onion skins, coffee, dandelion flowers, spinach leaves, lime (squeezed and un-squeezed) red pepper, kale, vodka, ouzo and other materials found at home to create beautiful ‘Anthotypes’ etched by the sun.

Director Ruth Jacobs commented, “At a time when the community darkroom is closed, these free monthly projects will enable individuals and families to enter a world of: art, photography, history, science, chemistry and experimental fun!”

In April the RPC encouraged people in lockdown to make their front room into a giant camera obscura.

The Real Photography Company are a group of Bristol-based photographers, incorporated as a Community Interest Company. For more information please contact: 0117 9518712
Justin Quinnell - Ruth Jacobs - Wendy Leocque - Sophie Sherwood

* In 1803 Humphry Davy and Thomas Wedgewood invented photography in Dowry Square, Clifton in Bristol.



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