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Do you agree bus fares for under 16s be scrapped?

This campaign is run by three year 10 students, namely Morien Robertson, Charlie Walls and Jude Hawrani.

We want Bristol to lower the prices of buses in and around the city for all ages and abolish them for under 16s (like in London). In addition to this, we want the current buses to be replaced with eco friendly ones , such as running on biomass. This could be achieved simply with our council making transport a priority and allocating more funding.

We are campaigning about this issue as we feel that such extortionately prices leads to social injustice as it discriminates against people unable to afford the costs, in turn leading to greater class divisions. Also, public transport is much more carbon effective than solo driving. Cheaper fares encourages people onto buses, hence reducing our emissions, helping to try and reverse climate change.

It costs approx £468 per year for a child to get the bus to and from school each year.

4.6%/ £37 billion of UK gov budget was spent on transport last year

We want publicity so we can be noticed by the public and gain their support, making sure the local government has to acknowledge us and make change.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could sign our online petition as in the later days we will email and lobby local government such as the mayor and our MPs, and we need all the support we can get to incite action.

If you want to contact us please email :

You can find the link to our online petition here:

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