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Exmouth Year 8 Camp

108 Year 8 students and 14 members of staff visited the Bristol School Camp in Exmouth for 5 days. On arrival, time was spent organising the camp and spending time down at the beach in the late afternoon for the first of many paddles. Throughout the rest of the week the students took part in the following activities:

Tuesday saw them take part in Archery Tag, this is where you try and hit the opposite team with an arrow to gain points for your team and also team building challenges, which included problem solving activities, working as part of a team and rope climbs. 

Wednesday was waters sports activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, SUP boards, windsurfing and body boarding. Beach games also took place, which ended in a mass tug of war between the students and the teachers... the teachers lost!!

Thursday saw the students take part in woodcraft activities where they got to learn how to build a shelter, forage for plants that could be added to the bread and the tea that they were making. They learnt how to make a fire using flint and steel and then got to roast marshmallows on it. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach or taking a walk into Exmouth along the sea front. We ended the day with a bbq and a disco where some awesome dance moves were demonstrated.

The trip was a great experience for all who took part and the behaviour of the students on the camp brilliant. The staff who attended were not sure who had a better time - the students or themselves!

Here are some quotes from the students summing up quite how special their experience was:

"We have loved having a beach so close to the camp, the water is really beautiful and clear and we've been able to do loads of cool water sports. The team building was really fun, particularity the obstacle course, it was nice to be with other people that you wouldn't normally work with and build friendships" - Tilda, Ettie and Nell

"I loved being able to climb and explore in the team building" - Jack F

"A fun, relaxing time where you can spend time with your friends" - Matias

"I enjoyed the archery tag because it's fun to shoot arrows at people!' - Ada

"I have had so much fun and enjoyed picking up shells on the beach" - Reem





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