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Digital Explorers Workshop

In January, 37 of our Year 10 Computer Science students took part in EDT’s Digital Explorers Event, which was hosted at Ashton Gate Stadium.

The goal of the Digital Explorers Day was to inform students about how they can apply the skills they are developing during lessons in different real-world contexts. They took part in workshops about the tech start-ups, Artificial Intelligence and learnt how to program an Ozobot. Speakers from the technology industry were also in attendance and students had an opportunity to ask questions and learn about how to enter a career in the STEAM sector. The final workshop of the day explored the technology sector in England; looking at both current opportunities and jobs of the future. Questions asked by the keen, young Computer Scientists included “What are talent managers looking for in a C.V. and at interview?” and in response tips were given about interview skills and “reverse engineering” job descriptions.

Students were very positive about the day as demonstrated by their comments below.

Jimmy: “I learnt many things throughout the day, but in my opinion, the most important thing we learnt was about our options after school. We were given the opportunity to speak to people who had chosen to take apprenticeships in the technology industry opposed to going to university and we also learnt about technology in the future. It really developed my understanding of becoming an apprentice and broadened my options for what I should do after I finish school.”

Finn: “I think the trip was a phenomenal experience which deepened my understanding of where Computer Science could take me later in life, while also serving as an opportunity to connect with my peers and even students from other schools.”

Nicole: “My favourite activity of the day was programming an Ozobot because it was fun, interactive and helped me to further my understanding of programming. Overall, it was a fantastic and educational experience because I learned so much when asking question during the final activity.”

Finley: “I learnt how technology can help the world around us as well as benefiting people with visual or hearing impairments. We also saw how amazingly fast technology is developing and how this can help people, for example, we looked at how people believe technology will help provide us a sustainable future with such issues as climate change coming so close to being fatal.

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