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Principal's Teas take a festive turn

Mr Lewis, Principal of FHS, is delighted this academic year to have introduced Principal’s Teas. This is a great opportunity to meet students individually (in small groups), hearing how they believe the school can be improved. During this hour long session, Mr Lewis and the students introduce themselves, share stories and talk about plans for the future. As the name suggests, students enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, whilst savouring home-made cakes from the school canteen. The Teas have already resulted in some great changes around school, in the form of new benches in the Year 7 area; student voice at its best.

Fairfield High School takes transition very seriously; Principal’s teas are a complimentary activity to the already well established and highly successful transition programme.

The photos here show a specially festive tea, with mince pies and crackers, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all!

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