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MP Darren Jones pays FHS a visit

We were privileged to receive a visit from Labour MP Darren Jones. Mr Jones took time out of his busy day, and his job of representing an impressive 100,000 people from diverse areas, to come and meet with the staff and students at FHS.

Mr Jones shared what an ‘average’ working week as an MP looked like (although he recognised it wasn’t an average week to be in Westminster on a Saturday!) and talked about his main roles and responsibilities. He recognised some MPs worked longer hours than others, but his personal working week involved four in London, followed by meeting members of his constituency for a further two, before having Sunday off.

Mr Jones stressed the importance of as many ‘normal’ people as possible putting themselves forward and representing the party of their choice, and ultimately their country. Darren himself was brought up in Lawrence Weston and was the first in his family to go to University. He sees his current job as a privilege; one where he can help people in his home community.

Mr Jones then answered as many questions as time would allow from the forward-thinking, engaged group of students.

Some of the issues covered included:

  • Brexit and whether the students believed the subject had been handled in a democratic manner
  • Jeremy Corbyn and whether their objectives were on the same page
  • His deep routed feelings towards the Labour party and his desire to become involved in politics at a young age
  • How the journey to becoming an MP wasn’t an easy process; Mr Jones won on his third attempt
  • Environmental issues including the UK and/or Bristol going carbon neutral by certain deadlines plus Extinction Rebellion, which Mr Jones recognised as a tricky balancing act of making change whilst keeping ‘the people’ onside
  • HS2 and its impact
  • Homelessness and how more council housing was a necessity, recognising finances were always an issue
  • Knife crime, explaining that a lot of this is statistically linked with organised crime and drug use, but the issue is extremely difficult due to cuts in the police force

Darren Jones spoke with huge amounts of dedication and passion for his job and FHS would like to thank him for a fascinating and frank discussion.

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